Are Hair Extensions Safe to Get Wet?

More and more often these days, fashion-conscious women are turning to extensions to get the look they want for every occasion. Whether you’re getting dolled up for a big night out, or you just want to make the scene while running errands, there’s no wrong time or place to try out hair extensions in Elizabethtown, PA.

Those women who seek out and purchase hair extensions understand what a significant investment they can be. Not only are top-quality hair extensions somewhat pricy, but they also require regular maintenance to keep them in the best shape possible. One of the most common questions asked among women just trying out hair extensions for the first time is: Can hair extensions get wet?

The short answer is “yes”

Can you shower with hair extensions in place? After spending potentially hundreds of dollars on a new set of hair extensions in Elizabethtown, PA, you’ll find yourself in an interesting position. First, you’ll want to wear your extensions whenever and wherever you feel like without worrying about them getting destroyed. After all, why spend a bunch of money on something you’re too afraid to wear?

The second thing you’ll want to consider is your hair extensions’ lifespan. You may want to wear them out and about, but there’s no sense in putting your hair extensions through unnecessary duress.


Clip-in hair extensions primarily function like a barrette with strips of hair attached. You can put them in and take them out just like any other hair accessory. The general rule of thumb with clip-in hair extensions is that you should avoid getting them wet when possible, except for their regular sink baths. Your esthetician can provide proper cleaning instructions.


Tape-in extensions are held in place, as you might expect, by invisible, heavy-duty tape. To give the tape enough time to set, those using tape-in extensions mustn’t get their hair wet for the first 48 hours after they’ve been applied. After that, you should be able to shower in them, provided you don’t scrub too hard.

When you’re planning on hitting the pool, remember that your sunscreen may be more harmful to your extensions than the water itself. Lotions have chemicals in them that can weaken the hold of the tape in your hair.


Far and away the most secure hair extension, keratin attachments are held in place for as long as three months. Those women who want to lead an active lifestyle while keeping their extensions in place should consider the longer lifespan of keratin attachments.

If you’re planning on swimming with keratin extensions, consider braiding your hair before hitting the pool, as this will help lessen the intensity of knots.

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